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Garden Electrics

Lots of Hot Tubs, Lay z Spa’s garden lights and outside sockets going in at the moment ready for summer, here at Spaldwick Electrical we can help you get your garden looking great in many ways…..

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CCTV Installations

Spaldwick Electrical are now expanding our repertoire further. We have recently partnered with a local security equipment supplier and we are now in a position to quote for CCTV and Alarm installations. We have access to the very latest in CCTV and Alarm systems to bring you a fully supported and bespoke security solution. Contact Us to discuss your requirements 07446 965998

Daytime HD Camera High Level
Nightime HD Camera High Level with no additional lighting
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Another Fire Prevented

Another photo for the “what if” hall of shame, this is the remains of a downlight transformer that I discovered whilst exchanging a clients downlighters for nice new fire rated and IP rated (waterproof) ones today. #anotherfireprevented

Electrician Jason Pope Spaldwick Electrical

Another Alarm Installation

Another successful smart alarm system installation from Spaldwick Electrical, this was a grade 2 alarm installation including smoke detectors fully monitored from the clients mobile phone, enabling them to access their alarm from anywhere they have mobile phone coverage. They know exactly when their children enter and leave the house, and will be alerted immediately if there is a fire alarm or burglar alarm activation.

Another quality Alarm Installation for Spaldwick Electrical

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Social Distancing

Here at Spaldwick Electrical, we are taking the health of our more mature clients seriously. So please do not be alarmed if I turn up to your door with gloves and a mask in addition to the normal boot covers. Also please do not be offended or alarmed if I turn down your offer of a cup of tea/coffee, this is a further measure to again protect my more mature clients. I am fully open for business so please get in touch if there is any electrical work that you would like me to quote for.

PPE and Social Distancing at Spaldwick Electrical
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Spaldwick Electrical Is Fully Open

Just to let you know that we are fully open for all Electrical Work, Alarms and CCTV. As per Government and Public Health England instructions, we are fully open for Electrical Work, Alarms and CCTV. This is not limited to emergency work, although priority will be given to emergency activities. Give me a call to arrange a quote. An ideal time for Garden sockets, outside lighting, powering up the garden room, or hot tub supplies.

Spaldwick Electrical is Fully Open
Electrician Jason Pope Spaldwick Electrical

Letter from the Secretary of State for Business

It cannot be clearer than a letter from the Secretary of State for Business, the construction sector is asked to continue working, there is no caveat on what work can or cannot be carried out, there is clear guidance on working in people’s homes during these challenging times from Public Health England. At Spaldwick Electrical we are adhering to the government advice and are full open for business for both domestic and commercial.

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Spaldwick Electrical Details

Spaldwick Electrical Contact Details

Spaldwick Electrical

07446 965998

16Amp Supply Electrician Hot Tub Jason Pope Lazy Spa Spaldwick Electrical

Hot Tub Supply

Hot tub installation in Cambridgeshire

With the hot weather on its way now is a great time to get a hot tub for the garden.

There are many different types of hot tub, from a blow up lazy spa to a full installed swimspa.

Here at Spaldwick Electrical we can install the electrical supply for you, we will survey your potential installation, looking at the existing consumer unit (fusebox) and where you would like to place the spa.

We will discuss your requirements and aim to supply you with an eloquant solution which has the least visual impact on your garden, but the greatest impact on your spa pleasure. There is nothing to stop you having the electric supply installed way before the spa is coming.

Different Hot Tubs have different power ratings, be sure to discuss this with your hot tub specialist and make sure that you have an installation with enough power, its often work future proofing as the differnece in installation costs between a 13 amp supply and a 32amp supply is not that high.

Give us a call on 07446 965998 and we can discuss your requirements.

Jason Pope

Spaldwick Electrical

downlights Electrician Jason Pope lighting outide lighting

Playtimes Fundraiser Lighting

A great big thank you to all of you that contributed to the Playtimes Playgroup lighting fund.

I asked for help funding replacement lights for them and you responded, exceeding target with 24hrs.

It took until yesterday to get the money out and into Playtimes account, so I ordered the lights yesterday and fitted them today. You have made a great difference to this fantastic setting.

I won’t embarrass everyone who donated, you know who you are and I thank you greatly, additional donations came from spaldwick news and Blueline Security Limited thank you all !

Outside Downlighters looking great
Inside LED Batons, more light, less power no flickering
LED emergency lighting, low power and no flickering
Local Hedghog checking out the security lighting
Blueline Security dropping in to see the new lights