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Another Fire Prevented

Another photo for the “what if” hall of shame, this is the remains of a downlight transformer that I discovered whilst exchanging a clients downlighters for nice new fire rated and IP rated (waterproof) ones today. #anotherfireprevented

downlights Electrician Jason Pope lighting outide lighting

Playtimes Fundraiser Lighting

A great big thank you to all of you that contributed to the Playtimes Playgroup lighting fund.

I asked for help funding replacement lights for them and you responded, exceeding target with 24hrs.

It took until yesterday to get the money out and into Playtimes account, so I ordered the lights yesterday and fitted them today. You have made a great difference to this fantastic setting.

I won’t embarrass everyone who donated, you know who you are and I thank you greatly, additional donations came from spaldwick news and Blueline Security Limited thank you all !

Outside Downlighters looking great
Inside LED Batons, more light, less power no flickering
LED emergency lighting, low power and no flickering
Local Hedghog checking out the security lighting
Blueline Security dropping in to see the new lights
downlights Electrician Jason Pope lighting Sparky


Sparky says “Why not go for a clean modern look with some low energy downlighters, low energy does not mean low light”