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Recommended EV Charger installer Spaldwick Electrical 01480 400607
Hypervolt Installation by Jason Pope of Spaldwick Electrical

Spaldwick Electrical is a recommended EV charge point installer based out of Cambridgeshire, we cover up to roughly 100km’s (62 miles) from our home base, to get a quote for a standard installation, please go to our EV Charger page.

We are not asscociated with any particular charge point company so if there is a particular charge point that you would like fitting that isn’t on our list please get in touch.

We believe that a charge point should be fitted safely by an electrician in a quality way, our electricians are full time employees so are under no time pressures, we do not use sub contractors, and our charge points are only fitted to the highest of standards.

Our installations are installed and certified as per the wiring regulations, building regulations and notifications made to the distrubution network operator (DNO).

If you would like to book an installation then please book via our EV charger page of call us on 01480 400607.

Jason Pope

Spaldwick Electrical

01480 400607